Losses Tracking & Analysis

IDYL OEE Losses Tracking & Analysis is a cloud-based system to record and analyse production losses focusing on ease of system start- up and daily work.

IDYL OEE is designed to suit various types of production as follows.

Production Line
Job Shop
Continuous Process

Premium features


- Web Application
- Mobile App.


Service on the cloud. No need to invest in any Server and Software.


Upgrade new functions without additional costs.


No need for own support staff


No need to install. Can be used immediately after registration. (Subscription)

Benefits from IDYL OEE

Cost, Loss, and Risk Reduction

Pin point right on problem. To reduce loss in production and improve the overall efficiency of the machine (OEE)

Resource Management

- Reduce data errors by collecting on-line data from IoT
- More time for Analysis and correct problem rather than too much time for data collection

Shortest implementation time

Less Data, More Information, Improve Knowledge

Data for decision supports

Know the problem quickly, able to make decision to fix the problem to improve the OEE immediately


Web Application / Responsive Design

for machine controller to collect upfront loss data, immediately


Information and reports can be exported to Excel and PDF.

Analysis Chain

Target loss and drill down equipment, components down to the cause

Associated Data

Able to change equipment code/Line, associated data remain

Multi-dimensional report (Cube)

shows reports as graph. By rotating graph axis to see various dimensions and drill down deep to cause of the problem


Dashboard, OEE view, Losses of each machine or production line

IoT Support

Connect the start / stop information of the machine / line from the IoT device through the API.

Conveniency in data input

convenience of recording the machine stop information (Option function and not including IoT devices)

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