Spare Part Optimizer

SPO-Spare Optimizer calculates the stock level using statistical methods based on the criticality of spare parts and equipment. The stock decision is driven by company risk policies. Parts from many stores can be pooled by stock consolidation function for greater cost reduction without compromising risk.

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Stock Reduction

Spare parts can be reduced by 20-30% in 5 years

Create effective spare parts control processes.

Stock out reduction and improved service level of the warehouse

The cost of having spare parts is reduced.

No risk of spare parts for breakdown work.

Increase financial liquidity for the organization

Is an important part of data quality improvement


Create the fastest and shortest route to get a solution.

Online Reports

Take shorter time to prepare reports


With the calculation of Max-Min, Safety Stock by scientific method.


Make the information in ERP useful and reliable.


Enable clear management of Responsibility, and Accountability

Features and benefits

  • Cover all part category
  • Easy simple steps to reach decisions
  • Recommendation of Stock Max/Min/Safety stock with the company risk policies
  • Pool/Consolidation parts from many stores without compromising risk
  • Enable management to reinforce stock policies and approval processes
  • Reduction by 20-30% of the stock in 2-3 years