Reliability Centered Maintenance

CEDAR RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) is used for selecting PM to improve Reliability of Equipment/Productive unit based on its criticality. Every working step from criticality assessment to final PM selection is compliance with industrial standards.


Reports of Asset/Equipment Technical Performance Indices of MTBF, MTTF, Availability, Cost/Unit Uptime etc.

Support Maintenance Performance Budgeting

Supports Maintenance Performance Budgeting on both Cost and Cost Control


Outcome of RCM ready for Technical Asset Performance benchmarking and helps in making decisions for machine improvements efficiently.

Cost & Loss

Better Cost and Loss Control


Lower Breakdown jobs reduce Downtime and Loss. Loss

Reduced Part Demands

Adjust part demands for PM (direct purchase) and CM (Stock Parts) to most appropriate level

Cost Reduction and Work Efficiency

Turn Breakdowns to Planned Jobs. Better work execution by more effective planning

Features and Benefits

  • Standardized selection of PMs makes loss reduction an easy job to do.
  • Supports ISO Standard
  • Supports JA Standard
  • Support MIL-1629 Standard
  • Calculates behavior of failures by statistical tools and simulation
  • Pinpoint equipment of which failures affect reliability performance of the system.
  • Adjustment of PM to drive system reliability performance to target
  • Optimization of PM intervals on many basses.
  • Calculate the expected number of PM and CM cost at selected interval