Maintenance Performance Budget

Maintenance Performance Budgeting makes maintenance budgeting easier and more scientific way by using Cost/Unit as prime (lead) target followed by groups of working indices (follow). They are Size and Effectiveness of the organization Indices, Spare Part Control Indices, Effectiveness of Maintenance Strategies Indices, Outsource Indices, and Asset Performance Indices. All are parts of the budget equation. The other virtue of Performance Budget Software is it can be used for Self-Audit purposes.


Base on Key Quantitative Indices

- Total Maintenance Cost/Unit

Budgeting Processes and Calculation

- Company sets the objective goals, Total Maintenance Cost/Unit.
- Maintenance Set the detail budget according to the responsibility of the department.

Support Business Scenarios

- Market Competitiveness

Promote Co-operation between organization

- Top Management/ Accounting/Marketing/Production/Maintenance

Budget Control by extensive BI

- Report in BI
- Take shorter time to prepare reports. Can display data in the online system

Improve Data Quality

- Improved data reconciliation
- Quality and Quantity Data in CMMS is improved


- Make management accountable

Features and benefits

  • It turns normal maintenance personnel to highly efficient manager.
  • It brings both Cost and Loss in the same equation.
  • Prime indices lead to the area of pain points
  • Follow indices lead to an operational pain point that remedies can be applied
  • It establishes a strong working cooperation stop top management to the shop floor.
  • It is a contributor to the maintenance of data quality
  • Performance Dashboard pinpoints to pain points
  • Create sustainable maintenance performance by Self-Audit features