Maintenance Performance Budget

Cedar® MPB - Maintenance Performance Budgeting is the Indices Based Budgeting system that helps setting up budget based on Maintenance Cost / Unit Produced and Zero Unplanned Downtime @ Target Cost.


Base on Key Quantitative Indices

- Total Maintenance Cost/Unit

Budgeting Processes and Calculation

- Company sets the objective goals, Total Maintenance Cost/Unit.
- Maintenance Set the detail budget according to the responsibility of the department.

Support Business Scenarios

- Market Competitiveness

Promote Co-operation between organization

- Top Management/ Accounting/Marketing/Production/Maintenance

Budget Control by extensive BI

- Report in BI
- Take shorter time to prepare reports. Can display data in the online system

Improve Data Quality

- Improved data reconciliation
- Quality and Quantity Data in CMMS is improved


- Make management accountable


  • Support Budgeting Modes of
    • Build Budget by adjusting Actual values obtained from previous operating period to obtain target indices.
    • Build Budget strait forward calculate drivers of Main target indices of Total Maintenance Cost/Unit down to all follow indices.
  • Budget for selected Plant(s) and Organization(s)
  • Maintenance Prime Indices of Total Maintenance Cost/Unit
    • Target Asset Performance Indices
    • Target Organization Performance indices
    • Target Spare Part Stock Performance Indices
    • Provision for the anticipation of Loss and Cost Variances
  • Take action from the report on Online Strategic BI for Budget and Variance Management and Controls
  • Coupling with RCM, Spare Optimizer module to achieve “Zero Unplanned Downtime”@ Target Costs
  • Sustainable Maintenance Performance by using Budget software for Maintenance Self Audits